Pasties in Wakefield

2019 West Again, Michigan, Road Trip

As we left Presque Isle we set our sights on finding a Pastie (pass-tee) before leaving Michigan. And success was ours in Wakefield. We saw a sign for Randall Bakery Pasties on our way into town and followed the signs, deviating from our plan to turn right onto US-2. It was a good choice. We got two hot yummy Traditional Pastries to go and devoured one immediately. The other will be a great supper. After all, these were invented to be taken along and eaten hours after coming out of the oven when the Cornish miners took them into the mines in their lunch boxes.




  1. Amanda

    Yum. Come visit me when I’m in Cornwall and we’ll have a pasty crawl or throw down or something

    • Steve & Karen

      That sounds absolutely fabulous!


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