Chillin’ by the Truckee

2019 West Again, Nevada, Road Trip, States

It was a long hot day of travel through Nevada headed west on I-80. With ambient temperatures up to 103°F we made the decision to run without AC to reduce the chances of engine overheating and chose to make only one multipurpose stop for fuel, food, cold drinks, and rest room. We gave thought to stopping earlier and but ultimately decided to push through to Reno. It was early afternoon when we called the Reno KOA hoping for a three night reservation on the same site we enjoyed so we’ll last September. We did get K43, right next to our former site. When we arrived hot and thirsty around four o’clock, we realized that the view of the valley from our Stargazer window isn’t quite so sweet but it’s still a great spot. After a couple of hours relishing the capability of the Cool Cat AC in our T@B, we’re now out enjoying the cool of the evening, sitting on the picnic table watching through the deep dusk as a long long train travels alongside the Truckee River. And we’re remembering not only our own earlier trips in 2008 and 1973 when we stayed in this campground in tents, but also the ’49ers and pioneer families that traveled the Truckee Spur of the California Trail. It was a crazy hot trip today, but we’re in a pleasant place now!




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