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2019 West Again, Nevada, Road Trip, States

Our decision to book a site for three nights here in Reno was a good one. It gave us the opportunity to just chill out today, enjoy our view, and spend some time working toward getting caught up on the blog. Late this morning we wandered up to the office for some complimentary coffee and to ask about the water troughs that we see on either side of the river down in the valley. We were told they supply drinking water to the city of Reno. Also while we were there we learned that this campground has been a KOA only since the early 2000’s so this is not the place we stayed in a tent in 1973. By doing a bit of online image sleuthing, we think we have figured out that the park is now Bonanza Terrace RV Park. We enjoyed watching the Amtrak pass by and got us dreaming about another potential travel adventure – Chicago to Southern California, a trip Steve’s mother made in the 1930’s. Probably later we’ll embark on a short excursion to Boomtown for a meal at  The Original Mel’s Diner. Mel’s is a California and Nevada chain of restaurants these days but is based on the original San Francisco car hop restaurant that was featured in  American Graffiti.




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