Everything’s Greater in Slater

2019 West Again, Iowa, Road Trip, States

Everything’s greater in Slater! This is the wisdom imparted to us by Emily as we waited for the official fireworks display to get underway. Lots of unofficial, not necessarily legal, fireworks had been happening for a while. The neighboring communities of Cambridge, Huxley, Kelley, and Slater, Iowa pool their resources to present an impressive fireworks display tonight. Residents of this town of 1,489 people as of the 2010 Census host Fireworks Parties, the success of which is measured by the number of golf carts parked on the lawn. We were at a five golf cart party! Emily and Taylor welcomed us warmly to the gathering and even offered Steve a golf cart ride! Thank you, Mike and Pam for inviting us to be a part of a glorious Iowa Fourth of July!




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