The High Trestle Bridge


In the glow after the fireworks, Taylor enquired as to our plans for the rest of our visit to Story County, Iowa. When Mike mentioned taking us to the High Trestle Bridge, part of the High Trestle Trail, Taylor began to tell of the hiking and biking and refreshment opportunities along the trail which is slated to be part of the Great American Rail Trail as well as discuss the the origins, the reconstruction, and the beauty of the bridge, especially at night. It was decided. We thanked our hosts and made our way, in Mike and Pam’s back seat, to the High Trestle Bridge, parked, and did a midnight hike to the center of the bridge to revel in the blue neon sculpture designed to look like the descent into a coal mine serve as a reminder of the coal mining history of the Madrid, Iowa area. What a glorious way to finish out the day!




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Cobh on Our Own

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