As we were navigating the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah in search of a gas station, we received a phone call from Sarah and Rick asking us to join them for dinner at Desert Edge Brewery at Trolley Square. We found a relatively quiet table in a back corner near the glass wall dividing the dining area from the brewery giving us the opportunity to enjoy conversation as well as some great beers and savory sandwiches. After the repast we wandered through historic Trolley Square, now an upscale retail space but a hundred years ago a state of the art trolley fleet building and in the late 19th Century, the local fairgrounds. After dinner we meandered a bit until we were delighted to see a silver Grumman food truck parked inside the east courtyard. Soon Sarah and Rick were enjoying Normal Ice Cream and when the serving of Chocolate Sorbet proved too much for Rick, we took one for the team. (But who swiped one of our phones to snap the photos of us?) Thanks, Rick and Sarah, it was an incredible evening with you. Can’t wait for our next opportunity!



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  1. Anne psarras

    Awwww, sorry I missed this!! ❤️


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