Bonneville Salt Flats

2019 West Again, Road Trip, States, Utah

The last time we drove this stretch of I-80 west out of Salt Lake City, Utah was in September 1973. Today as we left the city we noted the Saltair III pavilion on our right. We visited it in 2014. Also we noticed some mining activity including a Morton Salt facility. As we drove through the Bonneville Salt Flats we saw a few oddities. Sometimes abandoned beer bottles were set in a circle and appeared to be half buried. There was what looked like a sea serpent in the salt. And a famous sculpture, the Tree of Utah is a prominent feature on the north side of I-80. We stopped at the rest area near Wendover, Utah to wander for a few minutes on the salt flats, to marvel at salt and more salt as far as the eye can see, and to gaze across the interstate to the location of a historical marker commemorating the Last Splice of the First Transcontinental Telephone Line.   




  1. Nancy

    Cool pictures!!!

  2. Meg

    I want to go here someday. It’s on my Utah bucket list!


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