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2019 West Again, Kansas, Road Trip, States

Today was Witchita with Em, a fabulous opportunity to get a taste of Wichita with a local guide. True, Emily has only lived here since May, but she knows her way around and yet is still exploring the place herself. After a fab breakfast at Doo Dah Diner on Kellogg Street, we headed over to the new location of the Coleman Outlet, believing that it was also the Coleman Museum but the staff there weren’t able to tell us when or even if the museum would be re-established after the move from it’s original location. We did acquire a couple things that will remind us of our visit and fit our lifestyle. Next we checked out The Original Pizza Hut Museum on the Wichita State University campus where we met a history student who gave us more insight into local history. Next Emily treated us to our first ever Frank Lloyd Wright house tour. The Allen House commissioned by Henry & Elsie Allen in 1916 was the last of Wright’s Prairie style homes. It was a lovely home, certainly suitable for a Kansas governor. And had Mr. Allen accepted the opportunity to run on the Warren Harding ticket in 1920, this would also have been a presidential site! We were fascinated with how Wright worked with the landscape to create a comfortable environment inside the house. That said, if not for the retrofit air conditioning, the interior might still have been a bit warm on this blisteringly hot afternoon. After the tour we three repaired to Wichita Brew to cool off. Although Emily says their beer is great, this afternoon we went for the root beer and the Emma Jean Sandwich.




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