A Gathering of Jeeps

2019 West Again, Idaho, Road Trip, States

Last evening we enjoyed pizza and live music at Portneuf Valley Brewing in Pocatello, Idaho within easy walking distance then settled in for a pleasant overnight. This morning as we were starting our day in the parking lot of The Museum of Clean we noticed a lone Jeep in the parking lot. Then there were two, then four, then more. Soon there we about two dozen. Next we saw Don Aslett arrive and chat with some of the folks before coming over to greet us and to tour our T@B 400. He honored us by placing a Museum of Clean sticker on the side for us before he went inside to start his day and we headed first to get a few groceries and fuel at Fred Meyers then to Reed’s Dairy in Idaho Falls because it’s listed as one of The Highest Rated Ice Cream Shops in Every State. Indeed the Huckleberry Ice Cream and the Huckleberry and Burnt Almond Fudge flavors were indeed too good for kids, well worth the side trip and the extra miles traveled because of a wrong turn. It was a sweet way to begin our journey into Wyoming.




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