Meeting Our Hero

2019 West Again, Idaho, Road Trip, States

Late in the first week of April 1988 we stopped by a bookstore in a tiny town in South Carolina and purchased a copy of Clutter’s Last Stand by Don Aslett. By reading that book, we totally changed our relationship with our things and began the process of becoming minimalists. Today we met our hero. We visited The Museum of Clean in Pocatello, Idaho, a place we had not known about until we found it listed as a Harvest Hosts site. When we arrived, Brad, the Museum Director, greeted us by name and the fun began. He gave us a guided tour of the museum which includes a number of exceedingly rare early vacuum cleaners and infused humor into everything. It’s an amazing collection of products and machines used by Americans for more than a hundred years! But the incredibly special moment came when Brad introduced us to the museum’s founder, none other than Don Aslett, our hero for more than thirty years! He offered us a new copy of Clutter’s Last Stand which we declined because he taught us well but he did autograph another book that we intend to give as a gift. If you are ever in Pocatello we encourage you to visit The Museum of Clean it’s fun place featured on Roadside America and Atlas Obsura And is listed as a Gem by AAA. Allow plenty of time for this fun museum and if you too are a Don Aslett fan, you might get to meet this wise man who knows how to use humor to help you find the truth.



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  1. Anne Psarras

    This is so cool! I can’t believe you met your hero. I think I need to read that book. I get up that way occasionally so I’ll have to check out the museum!


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