It’s a dream for a Ferroequinologist (Train Enthusiast/Student of the Iron Horse). We learned about The Golden Spike Tower through Harvest Hosts and although we didn’t opt for an overnight stay here we did visit one of the most exciting train locations we could imagine. The history of Bailey Yard as a maintenance facility and switching yard for Union Pacific Railroad goes back to 1867. Earlier than that it was a good stopping off place along the Oregon Trail. Up in the tower we had expansive views of the facility and Docent Eldon talked with us at length explaining what was happening and and translating some of the railroad talk into language we could understand. It’s the largest rail classification yard in the world sorting some ten thousand rail cars daily on 18 receiving and 16 departure tracks all of which is controlled by computer from Omaha. It’s an incredible scene!




  1. Mike Heward

    My grandfather retired from the Bailey Yard in North Platte when I was about 13 or 14. I’m originally from there before moving to Kansas. We still traveled by train out of North Platte when I was younger.

    • Steve & Karen

      Oh wow! Have you had the opportunity to return and visit the yard from the vantage point of the Golden Spike Tower?


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