Last night’s home was Creekside RV Park and Campground in Chappell, Nebraska. Creekside is a charming little campground immediately next to the tiny town of Chappell (CHAP-uhl) and the Union Pacific Railroad. It’s a little tiny town named after Charles Henry Chappell. Because town was so very close we meandered into town to mail a postcard and to enjoy a meal at The Rusty Bucket and again this morning for a brisk walk. In our wanderings we realized that Second Street, the main street in town, is part of the route of the original Lincoln Highway. Then this morning as we fueled up, purchased some refreshment, and chatted with locals, we realized that a convoy celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1919 military convoy across the country that ultimately led to the construction of our interstate highway system would be traveling through Chappell early this afternoon. That made our route decision for us. We left to travel east on the road along which the convoy would travel west. But our timing was off. Apparently they turned and traveled south for a lunch break in Big Springs and we missed them. Guess we’ll have to content ourselves with watching a video of the event and reading news clips.




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