It’s a lovely piece of property here along the South Fork of the American River in the little community of Coloma, California. Coloma Resort was a logical choice for our stay since it is immediately adjacent to Sutter’s Mill. Otherwise it’s not a place we’d care to linger unless we wanted to go tubing in the river or to host a family summer camping adventure. It’s hot here these early days of August so we tended to retreat to the air conditioning from midday until it cooled off in the evening but staying here in the milder months apparently is not an option since they run an outdoor school here also. Glad we came this one time though. It was fun listening to the youth have a glorious time and we did like indulging in some shaved ice sold from a classic Airstream conversion food truck!




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When Plans Go Awry

When Plans Go Awry

A string of unexpected problems complicated our transition from Southampton to Haarlem but calm problem solving and a sense of adventure led to unpredicted delights and a story for the ages.