Two Days at Los Banos

2019 West Again, California, Road Trip, States

It was mostly a case of “any port in a storm” kind of mentality that led us to booking two nights at the Los Banos KOA Journey in the middle of California in early August. It’s hot but our air conditioning works wonderfully. Mornings and evenings are pleasant and the nights are cool. The campground WiFi works nicely. We’re taking advantage of the stay as a bit of a respite to read a book, do some laundry, work on the blog backlog, shop for groceries, savor a dinner out, enjoy watching the sunset, and looking at a starry sky. It’s been fun watching several families enjoy a reunion. Apparently they all have kids who were Kindergarten friends and although they now all go to different schools, the families have continued to get together a few times a year for a weekend of fun and games and shared meals. In fact they shared some wonderful grilled goodies with us. Now we’re more than ready to move on and find some adventure in Pinnacles before heading to the coast and some cool air.




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