For the past week we’ve lingered and savored the joys of the California Redwoods and beaches. Then this morning before we broke camp at Eureka, California, we sat down with maps and apps to see what it will take to enjoy an eighteen day journey to Bloomington. It’s evident not only that we need to begin heading east but that we’ll have to go with the 230 Rule again – drive 230 miles and arrive by 2:30 in the afternoon – if we want the luxury of some two night stays. One nice thing is that the summer camping season is slowing. Students are going back to school but the after Labor Day crowd isn’t out on the road yet. Looking forward to to some mountain vistas, some hot springs, and some dark skies as the moon begins to wane. This morning we’ll continue north on US-101 to Crescent City, California with a few more views of the Pacific before we leave the coast and cross into Oregon.




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