On the Beach at Trinidad

2019 West Again, California, Road Trip, States

Staying one more day in the Eureka area gave us a chance to discover another of the incredible beaches near Trinidad, California. This one had a quite steep trail with some steps and a log ladder at the bottom. We came equipped with a beach blanket allowing us to plop down, relax, and watch the waves as the tide and the fog rolled in. We got no deeper in the water than our ankles though. It’s way too cold for swimming but gloriously beautiful. We tried to go to a seafood restaurant but it was quite busy so instead we got some baked goodies to go at Beachcomber Cafe. Finally there’s nothing quite like Cafe Mokka in Arcata to cap off a fine summer day. An Iced Decaf, a soak in one of their Finnish Hot Tubs, and the opportunity to linger in the cool evening air in the gardens. What more could we want?




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