Moss Landing, California! When we arrived this afternoon we had to quickly change out of shorts and into jeans and jackets. It’s overcast, misty, chilly, and downright glorious here! We’ve stayed here before in 2014 and remember it fondly. Like last time we made the walk past the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute to Phil’s Fish Market for a delicious midday dinner. Even in the middle of the afternoon this place is crazy busy! That this is a lovely place to be is underscored by the popularity of this campground. Actually we’re incredibly lucky to have scored a two night reservation, they seem to be sold out every night this time of year. It’s a no frills RV park. Full hookups, concrete pads, stacked in like sardines, with a laundry room and a couple of individual shower/restrooms as the only amenities. But it’s right at the harbor. The harbor seals serenade us! This cool is glorious after a month of summer heat as we’ve traveled west across the heartland. And then there’s the imposing sight of Moss Landing power plant first constructed in 1949, now a highly efficient state of the art combined cycle plant with plans to build a facility to house the world’s largest lithium batteries to improve the efficiency of the renewable energy system.




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