The whole purpose of our westward trek across middle America in the heat of summer this year has been to rendezvous with family this next weekend. When Patti and Mark mentioned plans to fly in a couple of days early, we coordinated to meet up with them this afternoon from a drive south on the Pacific Coast Highway along the Big Sur to McWray Falls in the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. Though we shared the road with quite a few other sightseers we could still be astounded by the views. We thought to dine at Nepenthe perched high above the Pacific but not with a 90 minute wait for a table. Instead we got good food and drink at the Big Sur Taphouse. That gave us time to return to McWray Falls for photos during the golden hour just before sunset!



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  1. Debi Ford

    Always love the quaint “all purpose stores” that sell everything, beer/wine, a tap house and deli, the post office and offer the odd service such as a Notary. Always fun spots and useful as well! Those cool sea breezes must feel downright chilly after the desert heat! Love you both!


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