Getting up early this morning truly paid off. We’d made the short drive from the campground to Bear Gulch last evening to get our bearings so we knew where we were going this morning shortly after dawn. We were the first to hit the Moses Spring to Rim Trail Loop that took us through an incredible 23 million year old landscape and talus caves, the rarest form of cave, formed by landslides eons ago. Townsend big eared bats live here year round. Part of the cave is currently closed to protect the newborn bats. It’s still an amazing journey through the narrow passageways! The temperature was still moderate as we finished the hike so we couldn’t resist the temptation to hike to the Condor Pass Overlook! A fabulous morning of hiking, then an afternoon of enjoying air conditioning and an evening of visiting with fellow travelers in the campground and watching wildlife in the sky, in a nearby field, and in neighboring campsites! Not sure we ever did see a condor although the ranger assured us that condors often fly with the turkey vultures that are common in the park. It was still fabulous watching the birds soar above the ridge visible from the campground!




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