Barcelona Lighthouse

2019 West Again, New York, Road Trip, States

At a stop for fuel in along NY-5 in Westfield, New York, we were invited to pause and enjoy the beauty of Lake Erie at Barcelona Harbor, the home of the Barcelona Lighthouse, the nation’s first natural gas lighthouse erected in 1829. We parked at the pier and poked around for a little while drinking in the beauty and peace of the area before traveling just a few miles to Lake Erie State Park. We scored Site 11 right on the Lake Erie shore with a wonderful view out our Stargazer window. Yes, we’ve been here before. We stopped by the lighthouse in 2013, four years later we explored more of the grape history of Westfield, and even way back in 1985 we camped here in a Viking pop up camper and three young offspring. Today we’re delighted to visit the shore of Lake Erie and watch the sea and the sky as the sun sets.




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