Before we departed from the Ohio T@B and Friends campout, we stopped by to visit with Sharol & Steve to answer some questions they had about their newly acquired 2017 T@B-CS. That brought back a flood of memories of our own CS adventures from 2013 to 2017. Then about noon we climbed into Eric and with Sc@rlett following faithfully behind, we pulled around the circle and waved goodbye to cadre of friends we’ve enjoyed all weekend. Hoping that on a Sunday afternoon in September we would be able to find a campsite without having a reservation we headed east with three private campgrounds in mind. Sure enough we found a vacancy on our first attempt. We set up on Site 16 in Berlin RV Park and Campground in Berlin (BER-lin), Ohio right on OH-39 giving us time to get hooked up to all the utilities and sneak in a little nap before heading to Park Street Pizza in Sugarcreek, Ohio to rendezvous with Dave & Amy. As we noshed on incredible pizza we talked about their weekend adventures and ours, the latest family news, and plans and dreams, as well as possibilities for adventures together in the coming months. As we head back to Berlin, we have to admit to looking forward to a couple of hours of downtime before starting our trek east in the morning. It’s been a fun couple of weeks in Ohio including some delightful visits with family and friends.




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