Lunch at Lower Mills Tavern


As one last treat before leaving the Boston area behind, we enjoyed lunch with Rachel at the Lower Mills Tavern, a delightful eatery and so much more. On a previous visit in the company of Greg, we sampled some great libations, and hopefully on a future visit we can enjoy Irish music. The menu  changes with the season. Today we enjoyed Apple Pork Belly Sliders, Pumpkin and Bacon Mac and Cheese, and a Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich, each one better that all the others. Top that off with very friendly service and a comfortable round booth giving us a great opportunity for an uninterrupted visit with Rachel. According to our server, the tavern reopened in 2016 after some extensive remodeling which uncovered a brick wall painted with the logo for Rolled Whiteoats. Although she did not know how old the building is, it certainly could date back to the Nineteenth Century when nearby Baker’s Chocolate was flourishing in the neighborhood. Thank you Casey and O’Donnell for breathing new life into the Lower Mills Pub and giving us a delightful place to visit with family while savoring delicious food.




  1. Cindy Lewis

    You are making me hungry and crazy because I can’t eat the wheat. Hey I thought Karen couldn’t eat it either?! Have fun!

    • Steve & Karen

      Actually it’s Steve who can’t eat certain breads but did okay with these. Hopefully we aren’t driving you too crazy to get out and have some fun in your T@B!


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