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We’ve recently been busy developing a new section of our website, T@B Talk. It’s available in several sections that are visible as a drop down from T@B Talk in the Main Menu at the top of this page. This page is just one example of the pages we’ve published there. Go visit T@B Talk and let us know what you think!

As much as we love the design of our camper, we have made some changes. Although some of these could easily be DIY projects, in our case all have been installed by nüCamp.

Duckbill drain valve: Under the sink storage is a very valuable area. Originally we had a rather large u shaped water trap. By raising up the piping and replacing the u-trap with a duckbill drain we were able to free up a lot of space.

110 Outlet under sink: We like to use a small vacuum cleaner to keep our floor clean. This way when we need to charge the unit it doesn’t need to sit on the the table or countertop or other inconvenient place. An outlet in the storage area allows us to keep it out of the way and ready to use.

Tank Heaters- Ever just wanted to extend your travel season? We have been in New England in the fall for leaf change, and Crater Lake in September when the temperatures got down to 20°F at night. This mod adds flat heater pads to tanks and drain valves and draws little enough power that we can run it off our batteries while boondocking.

AC Filter Access-Easy assess to the AC filter by hinging the seat.

Storage Access Prop-Prop the storage area under the bed by adding a prop

Maxair Fan-a better fan design.




  1. Dawn Kuenzli

    These all sound like very valuable mods!

  2. John

    We did the tank/valve modification based on the boondocking ability you shared. We expect it will get its first use in the higher elevations of New Mexico later this month. The bed lift, undersink hepvo valve, and a/c filter access are also great mods we have done. Thanks for blogging and sharing.

    • Steve & Karen

      So cool! We’ll be anxious to learn how well the tank heaters perform for you in New Mexico! We’d love it if you would explore the T@B Talk section. It’s still under construction and we’re anxious for feedback.

      • John

        When I go to t@b talk all that i can see is the well-written introduction, 2 pictures and the disclaimer but nothing below. Is there supposed to be more at this time ?

        • Steve & Karen

          John, thanks for the feedback! To go to the additional pages, go to the drop down menu under T@B Talk. We’ll add that instruction on the introduction page. Thanks for alerting us!

          • John

            We are on Padre Island National Seashore and have had no phone or internet these last several days. Have a little internet now. So briefly I had a wee bit of time before arrival to look at your Tag Talk. WOW! That is a fabulous offering and compilation of information!! You must not allow this to remain a well kept secret – maybe I could post a cross-link on t@bforum and some T@B facegroups? Great info for newbies and not so new as well.
            From your T@B Talk, I have already picked up some ideas and info I need to follow up on for improved travel and t@bbing. 🙂 Looking forward to more internet and more reading.
            We are off to Del Rio tomorrow, then Big Bend NP next week.

          • Steve & Karen

            Wow! Your trip sounds great. We’ve not yet been to Padre, and it’s been way way too long since we visited Del Rio and Big Bend. Say Hi to Judge Roy Bean for us. Thanks for reviewing T@B Talk, we truly appreciate it. We’re still talking about the best way to share it. We’d love it if you’d check out the Our Travels section and give us feedback on that too!

          • John Clemson

            Karen and Steve- Pardon my slow response! We have been on the move these last few weeks – now at City of Rocks State Park near Faywood, New Mexico. And it is snowing this afternoon. Tonight will be a good test of the tank heaters that I modeled after the ones you have that you told me about. I added a “boost” circuit that doubles the number of heater pads that I can use (only when connected to shorepower) and tonight should be a good test – going down to 17. Headed to Tuscon tomorrow where it is promised to be much warmer.
            I love your “Our Travels”. What do I like about it ? Well, a couple things. First I love that you have it sorted by state. So easy for folks-like I am going to Arizona tomorrow so I zeroed in on Arizona to see what you found of interest in your travels. Easy. Also I love the way that you tie your observations to place, and history or recent events, as well as your personal experience/relevance. I also like that each one is easily read and not overly long – keeps things focused, relevant, memorable. I would not do anything different!!! It is superbly enjoyable and informative as it is!

  3. Michael Kulczycki

    Kathy and Steve, love finding your blog. We met ucamp19, Michael and Susan from ChicAgo w new 19 Tab400.

    Want to read more of your Tab@Talks, but not finding sub menu. Can you guide us to where. Thanks much.

    No problems w new sink drain? Thanks Michael

    • Steve & Karen

      Thanks, Michael, for your interest in T@B Talk. To get to T@B Talk drop down menu on a phone, click on the Menu button. It will expand to “Our Travels, Blog, and T@B Talk”. To the right of T@B Talk is a down arrow. Clicking on that arrow will show the Drop Down Menu listing a dozen categories. On a tablet or a desktop where the Menu is already expanded to show “Our Travels, Blog, and T@B Talk”, move your cursor over the T@B Talk and the Drop Down Menu should appear, then just make a selection. Let us know if you find it helpful. Are you guys coming to üCamp20? Hope to see you there!


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