Celebrating Possibilities

South Carolina, States

It’s a New Year! And we want to wish each and every one of you an amazing and wonderful year. In fact, since it’s a new decade, we hope you have a fabulous ten years and more! We’re celebrating today in the tradition we have practiced for the last few decades, we are deliberately choosing to do things today that we want to do all year long. We are hanging out with friends. We’ve had some great conversations with family. We took a long walk and talked about things we want to accomplish. We’re working on travel plans. We’re working on our website and our blog. We’re on an adventure! We’ve enjoyed sumptuous food and intriguing drinks at Frankie Bones.Yes, we’re staying at a lovely resort on Hilton Head Island on the South Carolina coast as guests of dear friends of ours. Today’s long walk was on the beach. We’re hatching plans for a birthday trip not so far from home, various visits with family, a foray with our T@B into the Canadian Maritimes, and a hop across the pond to explore Cornwall and London. We’ll do our best to share those adventures here!




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Cobh on Our Own

Cobh on Our Own

For our first adventure together on the Emerald Isle, we walked the streets of Cobh, County Cork, explored St Colman’s Cathedral, and visited the Cobh Heritage Center.