Eleventh Night

South Carolina, States

It’s snowing! We’re warm and snug here in our little mountain house on this Eleventh Night of Christmas though. Yesterday we made the drive from Hilton Head SC. At one point while we were enjoying a phone conversation we hardly noticed missing the turn that would have put us on I-95. That gave us a chance to see some ghost town areas on US-301 and to travel through Orangeburg SC. before getting back on track. Then today we transitioned into our winter mode and started sorting photos to be scanned and stored on our NAS so all three of our kids and their families will have access to all the family photos. We’ll also be refining the Our Travels page and T@B Talk as well as posting some backdated blog entries. And of course thinking ahead to summer travels and watching videos about places we want to see even as we celebrate these last couple of days of Christmastide.




  1. Amanda

    Well it WAS an engaging conversation. Glad you are snuggled in! Brr!

    • Steve & Karen

      Oh, yes! And if not for that lovely distraction we’d not have seen the ruins of 1950s era travel services on US 301 from a time before the interstate routed tourists along a different path.

  2. Susan Eiswerth

    Happiest of New Years to our wonderful adventures! It’s a joy to read your posts whenever we get a chance! We too have bins of family photos to share and seemingly no time to sort things out for our four children and their families… but we will make a go of it soon!
    Hoping our T@B paths cross again this spring with no puddles in the forecast!
    You always have a spot to land in the Nati whenever you come out of hibernation! Much love, peace and joy!
    Susan & Rich

    • Steve & Karen

      Always good to hear from you two! Yes, we will do our best to arrange a rendezvous for T@BOO42 and Sc@rlett in the coming months!

  3. Lynn

    Happy New Year to you both. We wish you many miles of happy traveling and that your adventures will be brimming with memories to treasure.
    Don’t forget to stop by when you are in Florida.
    Rather than give you a written up date on our happenings, for a quick look check my Facebook page.
    Greetings to all the family. We enjoy seeing pictures of them and theirs on your site.
    Take care and keep warm while enjoying the snow.
    Lynn and Art.


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