Fifty Fabulous Years


Our first date was fifty years ago this evening when we were both students at St Petersburg Junior College. Together we saw a movie at the State Theater in downtown and danced at the White Rabbit before going for a walk on Pass-A-Grill Beach. As the evening drew to a close we both knew we had truly enjoyed each other’s company but we had no clue it would lead to marriage three and a half years later as well as three children, four grandchildren, grand kittens, seven different homes, and a series of teardrop trailers. It’s a glorious adventure and today we celebrate it’s beginning!




  1. Wendy Lewis

    Congratulations!! I love that you remember, celebrate and commemorate that first date. I thought we were the only corny people that did that after so many years. Just this week on January 21st, we celebrated the 37th anniversary of our first date. He took me to the Red Lobster that night and we still go to the same one every January 21st, after all these years. It is good to remember where you started. Congrats!!

  2. Amanda

    What a wonderful memory! You are both adorable! Then and now.

  3. Rebecca Smith

    I love it! You’re such a great example of a strong and happy marriage. I still remember what you told me when I visited you 10 years ago in Cullowhee. If you act like you did when you first started dating the spark will always be there! I loved watching you guys hold hands and flirt with each other. It has helped my marriage to remember the lessons you taught me. I love you both so much. <3

  4. Susan Eiswerth

    Congratulations!! Here’s to the next 50!!

  5. Art Ball

    I remember when you guys looked like the pic. Your life together has been storybook awesome. Congrats and love. Art

  6. Susan O'Gara

    Alleluia!! You bless us all!!!! Huge congratulations and wishes for many more years of joy together!!!
    Love and abundant blessings, Susan

  7. Anne Psarras

    Love this photo! So glad you found each other

  8. Greg and Debra

    Congratulations! Keep on having fun!


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