Introducing Redford


Well this post is incredibly overdue. We should have introduced Redford, our new family member in the last days of October when he took on the responsibility as our tow vehicle and sole transportation. Blame it on Amanda who introduced us to Big Red Truck, lovingly referred to as Bert, last Spring. We were really impressed with the 2016 Ford F-150 Platinum as a travel and tow vehicle. Mechanically it is well able to handle our camper in all sorts of situations, even long stretches of 10% uphill grades and to travel great distances between gas stations. Then there’s the creature comforts and the 21st Century electronics and hands free communications, all very appreciated in a vehicle which is our home as well as transportation half the year. The truth is that we actually were not in the market to replace Eric the Red quite yet when we walked onto the local Ford dealer’s lot and saw this amazingly well equipped red pickup. We knew it was just what we wanted. We checked with Amanda who assured us that she had absolutely no regrets with her purchase so we headed on back to the lot and made a deal. We all got a big chuckle when we got together with her in February and the almost identical twins were parked almost next to each other! And by the way we recognized Eric parked in local parking lot early this year and got to meet his new owner. Seems like he found a great new home! Now the next challenge is to find an opportunity to take Redford out for a nice long adventure.




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