A New Landscape


This is the time of year we usually begin enjoying a constantly changing landscape view through the windshield as we embark on a Road Trip Adventure. This year we’re at our mountain house enjoying watching the landscape change as Spring evolves into Summer and the great green curtain surrounds our house and deck. There’s another landscape that has developed inside our house and that involves fun beverages. As part of our journey of discovery of the world of cocktails we’ve learned more than we ever thought we wanted to know about bitters, that class of cocktail flavoring agents that serves as the spice shelf in the world of spirits. We were spurred on by reading Brad Thomas Parsons’ book Bitters. We recently discovered Kegworks, an online source for these little bottles and invested in an twelve pack sampler plus a few more. They have a nice beginners guide to bitters. The absolutely delightful discovery is that we don’t have to limit the use of bitters to cocktails, especially since those are just an occasional treat. Bitters can take a cup of coffee, a glass of iced tea, and any number of foods to the next level. Cheers!




  1. Mark

    Cup of coffee, eh?

    • Steve & Karen

      Yes indeed! Mint and chocolate with a dash of cream in coffee is just one fab combo.

  2. John Clemson

    Bitters! Great suggestion. I will have to look into this. Thanks for sharing.


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