Remembering Alaska


Fourteen years ago today after three years of planning, forty-four friends embarked on a two week adventure to the Land of the Midnight Sun, just in time for the Summer Solstice. From Fairbanks and Denali to Ketchican and the Inside Passage we had one fabulous adventure after another. The two of us chronicled it day by day on our blog which you can see by clicking here. From there you can see the video recap by clicking on the green button at the top of that first page or by clicking here.




  1. Amanda

    I enjoyed going back and reliving your trip! The whale watching and bald eagle sighting was spectacular. What a great trip. Looks wonderful

  2. John Clemson

    WOW! That’s the experience of a lifetime. I wanted to sign up with your “travel agent” but I read that it was 3 years in the planning which I imagine you researched and planned yourselves. You folks packed in so much into that trip – amazing, simply amazing.

    • Steve & Karen

      Actually the experience, including the tour of the interior was a two week Alaska tour booked through Celebrity Cruises and their rail cars on the Alaska Railroad were simply extraordinary!


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