Observing the Solstice


It’s a rare treat for us to be celebrating Midsummer here on our mountainside enjoying cool misty mornings, sunny afternoons, pleasant evenings, oh yeah, and a fair number of rain showers. But then again that helps explain these lush green woods. The rhododendron are in bloom here in the Smokies and there’s quite a variety of mushrooms popping up. Of course we are thinking back to other adventures we have enjoyed on Summer Solstice. Fourteen years ago we were hiking at midnight in Talkeetna. Nine years ago today we participated in an old fashioned Sheep Shearing and four years ago when we didn’t wait for the Strawberry Moon to come up after a busy day. This evening we’re sitting by the firepit enjoying the gathering dusk on this longest day of the year, talking to and texting with friends with whom we’d love to be sharing this evening and counting our blessings.



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