Morning in the Mountains


As a counterbalance to our dreaming of hitting the road, and of field testing some of our new life on the road equipment in our own driveway, we’re making a concerted effort to enjoy life in our mountain house. This morning we awakened in Sc@rlett, our T@B 400 which is currently in a dry camping mode (no shore power, no city water hookup, no sewer connection) to a chilly August morning. Our first act was to turn on the inverter and the coffee maker and watch the Victron app so see how much battery power was needed. Then we headed to the house and out onto the deck to savor that coffee, and some Berkey filtered water while sitting next to our propane firepit and doing some planning for the day. After our morning exercise we hit the kitchen to prepare a sumptuous brunch and savored that under a canopy on the deck. Now we’re onto some more testing as well as daily living activities. Now Steve’s setting up a our two Zamp 80W panels as supplement to our Sunflare 192W rooftop solar that’s chilling out in the shade and once our batteries are back up to 100%, we’ll turn on the Norcold 12V fridge in the camper and watch the draw. Then perhaps tomorrow we’ll add the newly acquired Kuppet portable fridge, which we acquired to house all the fresh vegetables that we love to eat, to the mix of appliances that create the biggest drain on our battery bank. Hopefully after Labor Day we’ll head out a nearby national forest to do some real life dry camping and give our boondocking plan a true field test.




  1. Susan O'Gara

    Oh, you are making us all jealous! Perfect home to live through Covid!

  2. Steve & Karen

    We feel so blessed to have this place. It really is a great location for sheltering in place!


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