A nüCamp Visit


Back in January we made an appointment with Austin at nüCamp for June 30th, the Tuesday after üCamp20 to have rooftop solar installed on our 2018 T@B 400. Little did we know that Winklepleck would still be closed and üCamp20 would be cancelled. Thus we wouldn’t already be in Sugarcreek. Knowing that the solar additon would enhance our ability for off-grid camping, a helpful thing with the profound explosion in interest in RV travel this summer, we chose to keep the appointment. And then we thought of other mods that Wendell and Mark and the nüCamp repair shop crew could do so much more easily than we. We arrived at the factory Monday evening and settled into one of the courtesy sites. Soon we were joined by Jenn & Rocky, and Allison & Darren for a lovely “bring your own chairs and beverages and sit far apart” style visit. Early Tuesday morning brought the opportunity to totally unmake our bed and transfer the mattresses and all the bedding to the backseat of our truck to allow access to both the underbed area and the dinette before turning the trailer over for mods. Then after a couple of little errands we embarked on a series of mostly outdoor visits with nüCamp friends that we’ve made through the years, Brenda, Ed, Jesse, and Marvin before learning our mods were finished and we could remake the bed and move back to the courtesy site for one more night. Oh, the joy of the lovely Sunflare panel on the roof, the Maxxair Deluxe in the cabin, the Fan-Tastic Fan relocated to the shower, the single handle shower valve, and the lightweight 2021 dinette table! Each little thing makes our T@B life just a little sweeter. Then we enjoyed an opportunity to visit with our son and his fiancée in nearby Canton. This morning we had more great visiting opportunities with Nate, Elsie, and John as we settled our invoice and a chance to meet new team member, Brent. As we returned to our T@B we were delighted to see fellow T@Bbers Larry & Janette and just before departure we had a great conversation with Joe Mullet gave us all to a chance reflect on our first meeting eleven years ago, when the two of us purchased our Silver Shadow, and all the goodness since. As we head home we are ever so grateful to be a part of this amazing organization and community!




  1. Amanda

    This makes me so happy. Love the elbow bump! Can’t wait to see the mods – especially the table!! And glad you got to see so many of our NuCamp family!!!

    • Steve & Karen

      Glad there’s a nüCamp smile on your face. Hoping the weather is great where you are!


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