Celebrating Freedom!!!


Today we celebrate! We received our second vaccine doses two weeks ago today. We invited Steve, our neighbor and pod member, to join us as we headed to the deck, opened a bottle of bubbly, and shouted “Freedom!” We then crafted some spritzers and enjoyed conversation with Steve as we learned about progress on the construction of their new house and shared our plans to embark soon with truck and trailer. After a year of deliberately staying home and avoiding opportunities to contract or spread a certain virus, we are more than ready to leave this lovely home and head out in search of adventure!




  1. Brian

    Glad to hear your ready to get out. Be safe. Authorities still recommend masks and distance. Hope you wonder this way, it would be nice to see you. I imagine that list is long.

  2. Amanda

    So wonderful! I’m so excited you are headed out on new adventures!

  3. Lynn & Art

    Yippee! So glad you have reached the vaccination milestone. Art and I reached ours about 2 weeks ago. So in your travels if you head south you can visit us safely. You are welcome to stay awhile. We can even hug and talk with no mask. Of course, by that time the CDC will have changed their opinion again. Lol
    Hope your travels are marvelous and please say hello to all the kids. Be safe.
    Lynn & Art
    PS. It was so nice to talk with you via phone the other day.


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