Springtime Traditions


Today we’ve done two of the things that we do every Spring, bring the hammock out of storage and begin to prepare the trailer for travel. It’s another gorgeous sunshiny day and once we hooked the hammock onto it’s stand we just had to give it a test run. Truly, with the temperature only in the upper 40’s and a bit of a breeze, we weren’t tempted to linger long but it’s still fun to lie there and savor the view of the beech tree and rest for a few moments before heading back up the trail and resuming other tasks on our list. We’re also in the process of assessing all the items we carry in the trailer, thinking about whether to rearrange the way we store things, and cleaning her up inside and out. It’s looking like we’ll be heading out in late March or early April. By then we should be fully immunized. At this point we don’t know where we are heading or how long we will be gone. In fact we wander. We just know that we are truly looking forward to the joy of the open road and the freedom of boondocking! Hooray an off-grid life in a cute camper!




  1. Mary Lou

    Love the hammock! Happy to hear you will be hitting the road in near future and you are always welcome to park in our driveway. Just let me know you are on the way and I will shuffle the cards and make some coffee. Irish, of course! ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

    • Steve & Karen

      Not sure yet when our travels will lead to your driveway but we’re looking forward to the opportunity to partake of Tullamore Dew and Double Solitaire while moochdocking!

  2. Susan O'Gara

    Sending love your way. God shower you with blessings!


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