Our Pod Gathers


Over the last year we’ve spent many a happy evening in the company of Mary & Steve, our neighbors, our pod members. Beginning in mid-March we all adopted the practice of limiting our contacts, social distancing, masking wearing, and staying home as much as possible, but sharing drinks and dinner with each other on Friday nights. That is until they moved to Greensboro to supervise the construction of their new house near their grandsons, daughter and son-in-law. Now we celebrate every time they are back here on the mountainside and this evening we raised glasses of Aperol Spritz to celebrate just such an event. Cheers!




  1. Susan Eiswerth

    So nice to read about a gathering of friends and a cheery toast together! We look forward to such occasions again soon. Our second vaccine dose is scheduled for March 16. Love to you both as you Wander about!

    • Steve & Karen

      Do you want to do a virtual toast the evening of the 16th? We too are scheduled for our second dose that day.


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