Breakfast at Buehler’s

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For folks like us who may rise early but eat breakfast later in the day, finding a place that serves breakfast all hours, like The Mill Restaurant inside the Dover, Ohio Buehler’s Fresh Foods grocery store is fabulous. We opted for the Stuffed Omelet, a Fruit Cup, and Coffee. Over breakfast we got into a text conversation with friends in nearby Columbus OH and hatched plans for a Sunday get together. Then with happy tummies we wandered the aisles in search of provisions for ourselves and the makings for a party menu and along the way made friends with one of the employees! We can definitely see ourselves falling into a pattern of breakfast before grocery shopping whenever we are staying in the Sugarcreek area!



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  1. Amanda

    Thanks for the breakfast recommendation! Sounds fabulous. On my list to do as I wander around this beautiful area❤️


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