Sc@rlett and Bell@ Side by Side


Our oft expressed opinion of the 2021 T@B models is that the nüCamp team hit it out of the ball park! But the differences are subtle. We think the casual observer will notice little if any difference between the two models especially since we stayed with the silver sidewalls, red trim, and red and black graphics. As Sc@rlett and Bell@ sit side by side though you can discern some of the exterior differences. On the inside, again they are very similar, with some differences. One of those is storage configurations. Obviously we have more outside storage with the addition of the side tubs but in the wardrobe and kitchen area we’ve lost some cupboards and gained some drawers. It seems we have more cubic storage but will have to rethink where certain things go. It’s fun and interesting!



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  1. Amanda

    I’m so glad you got those side by side pictures! Lovely Bell@!!


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