Courtyard Winery

2021, Pennsylvania

After an overnight in Canton and an opportunity to finish transferring our gear from truck to trailer, we’re on the road. This truly is the beginning of Summer Ramble 2021. Our first stop is Courtyard Winery in the town of North East, Pennsylvania. It’s one of more than two thousand locations around the country that welcome members of Harvest Hosts for an overnight stay. When we arrived Laura directed us to a location nestled in at the edge of the woods. Once we were situated we headed into the tasting room here at the home winery. There we chatted with Laura about the winery, Harvest Hosts, travel, and especially about Niagara Grapes and the wine culture of the Lake Erie shore. Under her expert guidance we picked out some dry wines for a tasting and some crackers and Yancy’s Fancy cheese and settled ourselves at a corner table to sit and enjoy. A little later, after we’d determined our favorites, we purchased a couple of bottles of 2019 Vignoles and of 2018 Noiret planning to save them for gifts or for enjoying later. By bedtime however, our stash of Courtyard Wines is down by one bottle.



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  1. Lynn

    . One bottle left sounds like a winner!!! Happy and safe travels this summer.


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