Misty Morning Ostrich Ranch

What a delight to awaken to the sounds of a rooster heralding the morning, the sight of horses grazing outside our camper, and memories of last night’s experience of helping candle and place ostrich eggs into the incubator as well as getting up close and personal with individual adult ostrich. Yes! Through our Harvest Hosts membership, we visited what seems to be the only ostrich ranch in the Harvest Hosts system. It certainly has been a most unique experience for us. A few years ago Ryan & Gaby went in search of a better life beyond Los Angeles never dreaming that the quest would lead them to raising ostrich and educating the public on the nutritional and ecologic value of these huge birds as a food source. We’re leaving Misty Morning Ostrich Ranch in Robbins, North Carolina with a freezer full of ostrich steaks and a desire to return for one of their events.

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