Birthplace of Pepsi

In truth neither one us had much pondered the history of Pepsi Cola before our first visit to New Bern, North Carolina in 2014 but the fact that we’d have the opportunity to visit the Birthplace of Pepsi was one of the reasons for our return to this historic town. This is the very location where Caleb Bradham concocted Pepsi at the soda fountain in his pharmacy. Today it’s part museum, part Pepsi Cola dispensary, and primarily Pepsi/Mountain Dew souvenir shop. Although we opted out of the opportunity to enjoy the sugary drink, we truly enjoyed pursuing the wall panels detailing the history of the drink and did actually come away with a few small souvenirs.

  1. Michael Mancuso

    You two always find something interesting to check out while you are on the road. I love historical stops like this and your other posts of a similar nature. It’s often so easy to get on a highway heading to a destination spot for a trip and then in a hurry, we miss a lot of cool history along the way.

    • Steve & Karen

      There’s so much incredible history out there. As much as we try we’ll never be able to visit all the cool places but it’s fun trying!

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