Old New Bern


George Washington slept here! New Bern was founded in 1710 by Swiss and German Palantine immigrants. It was named for the capital of Switzerland and served as the first capitol of North Carolina. We enjoyed poking around the visitors center and various spots in this historic town. It’s a place to which we’re likely to return, especially to visit Tyron Palace and the Birthplace of Pepsi!

  1. Steve & Karen

    September 22, 2014
    Hi Steve & Karen,
    Good talking to you at the KOA, in Bridgeton, we got home yesterday, it rained hard
    Saturday night, but stopped before dawn.
    We have a common interest in 2 ways, genealogy & kayaking, although our real
    passion is sailing our 27 ft. Sailboat.
    The pictures on your web site are excellent, what did you take them with ?
    My guess would be an I-pad.
    Dave Cass

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