Tryon Palace

2021, North Carolina

Once considered to be the finest building in the American Colonies, Tryon Palace was constructed between 1767 and 1770 during the reign of King George III to be the seat of government and home to the family of the Royal Governor of the Colony of North Carolina. After the American Revolution three state governors resided and ruled from here but after the state capitol was moved to Raleigh, the building no longer had an official purpose and in 1798 it not only burned to the ground but began to fade from local memory. It’s property was redeveloped with streets, sidewalks, homes, businesses, and even a highway. Then in 1950 a serious reconstruction campaign began and the palace, rebuilt from original plans, opened to the public in 1959. We truly enjoyed stepping back into the Eighteenth Century as we chatted with a costumed interpreter on the grounds about the local military history then joined a costumed docent and toured the house and kitchen before strolling at our leisure through the kitchen and formal gardens. In time we were ready to return to the Twenty-First Century and a savory meal at MJ’s Raw Bar and Grill a short walk away on Middle Street before spending time at the North Carolina History Center which in truth deserves at least an entire day all to itself. At day’s end we were thrilled to return to our campsite at Flanner’s Beach Campground to relax, reflect, and plan the next day’s adventure!




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