Skipping Stones & Sleeping Over


Skipping stones is a skill that has been passed from father to son for generations. Now for Greg, Rachel and family, their new home in western Massachusetts is giving the boys a better than ever opportunity to develop their skills at a local park nearby. We’re thrilled with the driveway at their rental house. We think it an ideal way to visit and spend time with our grandsons. The two of them were very anxious to spend time in Nana and Grandpop’s new camper. We got to play games, watch “How to Train a Dragon”, and even host a sleepover in Bell@ as well as walk to the park, read aloud, and race up and down their quiet dead end street with the boys. Then later each evening we enjoyed Greg’s mixology skills.



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  1. Jim+&+Sharon

    What precious, good looking boys! I bet you all want to stay longer or keep coming back. Enjoy your summer adventures.


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