The majestic home of the first Governor of the Territory of Indiana was the magnet that pulled the two of us to Vincennes, Indiana. Grouseland was constructed in 1802-1804 after William Henry Harrison was appointed governor in 1800. Knowing that the home is undergoing extensive renovation, we did not expect to be able to take a tour but when we knocked on the back door entry to the gift shop we were greeted by docent Sue Clark who graciously agreed to guide us and another group of three through this grand home on the frontier. It was fascinating to hear tales of life on frontier as well as to view items relevant to very early Nineteenth Century life and cutting edge technology for the time such as an indoor well. The home is indeed under much needed renovation and we were not able to tour all the rooms but it did give us quite an insight into a portion of the life of one United States President that is much overlooked and we’d very much like to return for another visit once renovation is complete.




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