Indiana State Museum

2021, Indiana, Road Trip, States

After visiting New Harmony, the second oldest town in the state, we headed to Vincennes the oldest city in Indiana, established by French fur traders in 1732. It was only natural for us to begin our visit at the Indiana State Museum where we joined a tour in progress. There we learned that the Indiana Territory was established in 1800 and about many of the people and events leading to statehood in 1816. We visited the original Capitol building where the vote was taken to move the territorial capital to Corydon, Jefferson Academy which became Vincennes University, and the Eliju Stout Print Shop where copies of the first laws in the territory as well as the first newspaper was printed. Our docent really gave life to these buildings, character to the people who were here, and insight into the beginnings of what we now know as the State of Indiana.




  1. Michael Mancuso

    I’ll have to stop here when I eventually get out there to explore the presidential historic sites across the country.

  2. Susan Eiswerth

    There’s something about exploring remote towns that hold such historical significance. Sounds like a wonderful visit!


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