Like most Americans, we knew little about the 9th President of the United States except for his 1840 campaign slogan, “Tippecanoe and Tyler too” and that he died one month into his presidency presumably of pneumonia after delivering a two hour long inaugural address on a cold March day without an overcoat and hat. We did know that he was buried near his home in North Bend, Ohio just west of Cincinnati. So today when we went to the William Henry Harrison Memorial to pay our respects we were delighted to discover an outdoor interpretive center that gave us much more insight into the man and his career. That fascinated us as much as the impressive obelisk on top of Mount Nebo with it’s view of the Ohio River. Now we’re disappointed that we missed an opportunity to visit his birthplace when we were in Charles City, Virginia last month but have put Vincennes, Indiana on our map in the hopes we can visit his home there soon. In the meantime we’re checking out a cool history blog about the life and times of Old Tippecanoe, William Henry Harrison.




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