A Bloomington Fourth

2021, Family, Indiana

Our visits to Bloomington, Indiana are always amazing but this visit has taken it to the next level. We were privileged to have the opportunity to moochdock in CJ & Phil’s driveway over the busiest campground weekend of the year and to share a spirit of adventure and exploration with our hosts. Friday evening the four of us enjoyed a celebratory evening of cocktails and cuisine at C3 Bar in the Ridgemede neighborhood. It was a first for all of us, we love it when our hosts branch out from tried and true and try new places with us in tow. Saturday was such a fun filled day beginning with the Woolery Mill Farmer’s Market on the grounds of a historic limestone mill. Bloomington’s farmer’s market scene has changed since our last visit. We truly enjoyed the atmosphere here as well as Muddy Fork croissants and coffee. We came away with some bison skirt steak from Red Frazier Bison Ranch and heirloom green onion plants as well as fresh berries from Shawnee Hills Farm for future meals. Later in the day after a neighborhood walk and a siesta we four made it to the Cardinal Spirits Tasting Room for some fabulous cocktails and a delicious meal before meeting friends at the Monroe County Fair although we resisted eating fair food, a couple of us did ride the ferris wheel while others watched. Then Sunday was an incredibly delicious day. We’d brought some ground ostrich from our visit to Misty Morning Ranch, and contributed the bison meat we’d gotten at the farmer’s market. With that as starters Phil came up with the menu for a four course cookout that also included lamb steaks and shrimp on the Camp Chef griddle with amazing side dishes for each course. Both Saturday and Sunday evenings were capped off by fireworks in the neighborhood, sometimes visible a bit through the trees. All in all it was so much fun hanging out with these two, their kitties, and their friends all the while drinking in the vibe of Bloomington.



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  1. Amanda

    You really packed in some wonderful memo! Fantastic! Looks like a neat area!


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