Alice’s Restaurant in Baudette

2021, Minnesota, Road Trip, States

Besides short travel days and longer stays, this trip is also remarkable in that we don’t have a destination. It’s about exploration especially of the small towns scattered across the country. And we’re finding a lot of city park campgrounds often located within easy walking distance of the town center. Such is the case with Timber Mill Campground, on Tourist Park Avenue, just off SR-11, in Baudette, Minnesota. When we called City Hall to see if we could get a reservation and found that none were available, it was suggested that since they had several First Come sites, we’d almost certainly be able to find a spot especially since we’d be arriving early on a Thursday. That’s exactly what happened. We chose Site #13 and in fact it was a lucky choice since a ferocious storm came through on Friday night into Saturday morning and a sizable tree came down across the site next to us, one we almost chose. We’ve had some delightful experiences here in Baudette, the home of Willie the Walleye, starting with a trip to Wash n Go Liquors, a business several miles north of town that offers hot showers and a laundromat! Friday morning we enjoyed breakfast at Alice’s Restaurant, no it’s not the Stockbridge eatery commemorated in the Arlo Guthrie song, but it is near the railroad tracks, and we were able to order Cheese Omelettes with Sausage and Mushrooms although they were not on the menu. The food was great and the service quite friendly. Another adventure was the Lake of the Woods History Museum where we were asked to not take photos but where we got a feel for this community founded around the logging and commercial fishing industries, devastated by fire in 1910, and rebuilt. We were both especially fascinated by the history of Rowell Pharmaceuticals founded in 1929 here in Baudette. We also sipped some great hot brew at Caribou Coffee before replenishing our pantry at Lake of the Woods Foods.




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