Three Days of Fabulous Eats

2021, Minnesota, Road Trip, States

When we first arrived at Arnold’s Campground RV Park in International Falls, Minnesota, we learned Amanda had arrived just minutes before us. Set up was minimal, just plug into shore power and put down stabilizers before setting up our chairs in the shade. Right away we began comparing notes on what foods we’d brought and what meals we’d make for each other. We started off with setting up the Camp Chef and together crafting a feast of Angus Ribeye Steaks with Sauteed Onions, Peppers, and Zucchini alongside Sliced Fresh Tomatoes garnished with Goat Cheese. That was the last campground meal of the stay. The next fabulous meal was incredible Omelettes at Sandy’s Place in town. Wow! And the friendliness of the service really topped it off. Then after a few hours of park exploration near Rainy Lake Visitor Center we headed to Sha Sha Resort at the eastern end of MN Hwy 11. Cold brews and a series of appetizers, Walleye Nuggetts, Fried Cheese Curds, and Boneless Buffalo Wings topped off by friendly conversation with our server and other guests. Wednesday morning we couldn’t help ourselves. We returned to Sandy’s, to the same table, the same omelettes orders, and even better conversation with the staff. This time we did top our breakfast off with pie. Sandy’s homemade Wild Blueberry Pie ala mode was superceded only by her homemade Cherry Rhubarb Pie ala mode. Both still warm from the oven! It can’t get better than this. Then after more rambles in the park near the Ash River Visitor Center, we got five o’clock reservations for Rainy Lake Grill in Rainier, Minnesota. Their craft cocktails and their calamari and guacamole appetizers were extraordinary. We loved their Garbage Pizza on a Cauliflower Crust and the opportunity to sample Walleye and some Minnesota Wild Rice. All of this and we’ve hardly scraped the surface of the culinary opportunities here in the International Falls/Rainy Lake area in northern Minnesota. It’s obvious that another visit here is in our future!




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