Deck Day 29


Hooray! We were able to resume our treasured tradition of hosting Deck Day every Memorial Day. Good citizenship and public health concerns caused us to cancel in 2020 and 2021, but now we’re back on track for the twenty-ninth version of this gathering of friends and family both local and from across the country. The main event is the Monday afternoon/evening cookout but the first guests arrived on Thursday and helped us with preparations interspersed with lots of fun activities as well as good food and drink and some lingered until today as the clean up partying progressed. These last six days have been so much fun with our guests pitching in to help with all the cooking, cleaning, puzzle assembling, music making, libation mixing, dancing, organizing, game playing, eating, drinking, and conversing. As we turn the page and move on to our summer travels, we’re savoring the memories made during this, our second last Deck Day. Thanks to all of you who participate and enrich our lives so thoroughly.

The first, but not last, completed puzzle of the week.




  1. Mary Lou

    Thank you for your gracious hospitality gathering family and friends for an absolutely delightful gathering!

  2. Susan O'Gara

    Deck Day was such a joy!! Your friendship over the years and opening your hearts and home to us all has made treasured memories which last a lifetime.

  3. Vivian O’Dell

    It was GREAT to see everyone and revive this wonderful tradition!! Looking forward to next year!!


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